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ABC International Brewery is a distribution company registered across 5 West African Countries. Their products are brews that is beers and malt drinks. At the time of carrying out this analysis, the company distributes seven different brands across five West African Countries namely Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Benin Republic and Togo.

Our Business Intelligence

The manger at ABC International Brewery has contacted our Business Intelligence Team at Cortouch Media to carry out some business analysis for their company. The analysis requested is divided into three phases: Profit Analysis, Brand Analysis, and Country Analysis

ABC International Brewery Business Case Study

The management of ABC International brewery has given us their company sales data in an excel file. The file has records of sales made from 2017 to 2019 across the five different countries where the company is present. From the data given to us, we were able to deduce the following information. They have  a total of 11 major distributors across the five countries. They distribute to the 6 major regions in each of the countries which are North-Central, North-East, North-West, South-East, South-South and West. The brands ABC International Brewery distributes are Grand Malt, Beta Malt, Hero Beer, Trophy, Castle Lite, Eagle Lager Beer, Budweiser

Profit Analysis

  1. What was the profit worth of the brewery, inclusive of the anglophone and the francophone territories? Then, compare the total profit between these two territories in order for the Territory manager, Mr. Jones to make a strategic decision that will aid profit maximization in the coming year.
  2. Country that generated the highest profit in 2019, 2018 and 2017
  3. In which year was the highest profit generated?
  4. Which month in the three years was the least profit generated?
  5. Which month in the three years was the maximum profit generated?

Brand Analysis

1. Within the three years reported, the brand managers wants to know the top brands consumed in the francophone countries and the top brands in the anglophone countries.

2a. Favorites Malt brand in Anglophone countries?

2b. Favorites Malt brand in Francophone countries?

3a. Favorites Beer brand in Anglophone countries?

3b. Favorites Beer brand in Anglophone countries?

4. Which brands yielded the highest profit Nigeria in 2019?

5. Level of consumption of Budweiser in the regions in Nigeria in 2019 (Decision on Promo)

Countries Analysis

1. Country with the highest consumption of beer.

2. Country with the highest consumption of malt?

3. Top 5 Sales Personnel in Nigeria

4. Top 5 Sales Personnel in Ghana


In the process of our analysis, the first thing our team did was to ensure the quality and tidiness of the data, this involved checking for missing values or inconsistencies. We were able to clean through the dataset and get it ready for analysis. The first tool we used for ensuring the quality and consistency of the dataset was Excel. Fortunately, the sales record we were given was comprehensive enough to be used for analysis.

After cleaning in excel, we moved the dataset into a database management system in order to enable us run queries on it. A database management system enables us to connect the dataset to a server and create a database where we can run queries. We use a database management system to query the dataset instead of Excel because the dataset is very large and it will be cumbersome if data of that magnitude is sorted with Excel. The database management system we used in the course of this analysis is called PostgreSQL.

After querying the dataset with PostgreSQL, we were able to answer every question that the management posed to our team and even some extra deductions.

After analysis, we visualized some of the results with a business intelligence tool. The business intelligence tool used in the course of this analysis is called Tableau.


Here is a summary of the findings our team came up with after careful analysis of the sales record submitted to us by ABC International Brewery.


Within the space of 2017 to 2019, ABC International brewery has made a total profit $105,587,420 with the Anglophone Countries(Nigeria and Ghana) accounting for $21,376,210 and $21,013,050 respectively while the Francophone Countries(Senegal, Benin and Togo) generated $21,485,190 and $20,961,970 and $20,751,000 respectively

Here is a breakdown of the profit generated per country from 2017 to 2019
Country 2017 2018 2019


The results of the brand analysis will be communicated in graphs and charts.

We can however state that Budweiser made the highest profit in Nigeria in 2019 with a total of $1,372,500.

Country Analysis

1. Country with the highest consumption of beer is Senegal with a total of 180,928quantities sold.

2. Country with the highest consumption of malt is with a total of 128,721 quantities sold.

3. The top 5 sales personnel in Nigeria

4. The top 5 sales personnel in Ghana

Top 5 Sales Rep in Ghana Profit
Top 5 Sales Rep in Nigeria Profit

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