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Get More Likes on Facebook Posts For Free

Are you searching for deep Facebook statuses that will bring you a lot of likes? It could be for business reasons or it could be personal. All reasons are welcomed.  We are going to show you a detailed list of statuses you can use to cultivate and capture the attention you want so badly with more comments and likes on your Facebook profile.

These statuses have been verified and confirmed working. You can definitely use them on all your social media platforms. It isn’t just restricted to Facebook.

PS: You may want to bookmark this page for easy access, anytime you want to update your Facebook status.

Why Is Facebook Post Status and Likes So Important?

Wow. Remember when MySpace was the leading social network? Now that seems like ages ago, the past three years have seen Facebook approach and blow past MySpace to become our favorite online hangout spot, that is why we need the best Facebook Statuses that will help you get a lot of likes, comments and shares, bringing traffic to your profile.

New data released by Facebook and third-party researchers have shown just how important Facebook has become in our daily lives. The state of Facebook is mind-blowing. And very important for your business.

You definitely can use Facebook for your Business and it can definitely help rake in sales and keep your existing customers if you post contents like this that they like and they can laugh about.

Online marketing is the order of the day and every business now deem it right to take their business online.

That’s where the sales now come from.

If you have a business and want to get lots of sales, then Facebook is one of the best places to begin. You can actually make a lot of sales if you incorporate Facebook marketing.

Examples of Faceboook Captions that Get More Likes on Facebook

  • You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy a Ferrari, and that’s kind of the same thing.
  • Statistics say that 1 in 4 people are insane, so take a good look at your 3 best friends and if they are all OK, it’s you! You are the insane one.
  • Money may not buy you happiness but it definitely can improve the quality of your misery.
  • Boy: hey dad I have a girlfriend Dad: Nice one son! Girl: Hey daddy I have a boyfriend Dad: Where’s my shotgun?
  • Life is so weird, as a kid all you wanted was to grow up, but now you wanna be a kid again.
  • I’m still waiting for that day that I will actually use x² + y +8 [(x + 4y ² = a-z] + 4x in real life.
  • Women don’t just go crazy, they are actually crazy. They just ‘go normal’ from time to time.
  • A grandparent’s home is where cousins become best friends.
  • When you see a guy opening a car door for a lady it can only mean 1 of 2 things. Either the car is new or she is.
  • God created everything that has life, the rest are made in China.
  • If you know you only sing good in the shower, gather here let’s take a selfie.
  • A girl’s “I’ll be done in 5 minutes”, is the same as a guy ‘s “the game just has 5 minutes left”
  • “Lean on me” does not mean press me like bread. Please shift.
  • Luck is when you are the main chick in three different relationships
  • Some guys will sleep with you just so they can copy your sex styles to teach their girlfriends. Be wise my sister.
  • It’s funny how parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us how to walk and talk, and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up.
  • Which came first: The chicken or the egg?
  • “I would rather cuddle than have sex” said by every Yoruba Demon
  • If you have someone following you that is ugly, they become a stalker. If the person is hot and cute, they are your secret admirer. It’s all about presentation.
  • I always give a 100% at work: 22% Monday 20% Tuesday 32% Wednesday 23% Thursday 3% Friday
  • Click LIKE if you consider yourself lucky. Then share your lucky moment.
  • Laziness is the mother of failure but she is a mother and I have to respect her.
  • Friends are like orgasms… nobody wants the fake ones.
  • You know you’re really desperate for an answer when you look on the second page of google.
  • Remember: Life isn’t about having amazing experiences, it’s all about making mediocre experiences look awesome on Facebook. Oh, don’t forget the filters.
  • “911 operator what’s your emergency” “I just want to tell you, I’m sexy and I know it”
  • For those of you who think I don’t have friends, you are all wrong. I have all 10 seasons on DVD.
  • If women think all guys are all the same, then why do they worry so much about choosing the right one?
  • Why do parents think and feel it`s so easy to get straight A’s?
  • No matter what you do on a Computer, you always end up on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.
  • I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than yesterday.
  • What if birthmarks are just scars from where you were killed in your previous life?
  • If you are running away from your problems, you may as well chase after your dreams.
  • A woman’s superpower is turning an irrelevant misunderstanding into a catastrophe of biblical proportions.
  • The awkward moment when you’re waiting for a text but you realize you are the one who didn’t reply.
  • I tried to change my password to Jaws: the revenge. But there was an error saying it contained too many useless characters.
  • It is better to have loved and lost than to live with a psychopath for the rest of your life.
  • Don’t believe everything you think.
  • The quickest way to evade a conversation is by clicking like.
  • 21 year old me would be devastated to learn that 9 pm is “time for bed” for 32 years old me.
  • Pirates that used X to mark the spot were stupid. If they had used G, nobody would ever have found their treasure.
  • You can’t see your next if you are too busy looking at your Ex.
  • I say ” I shouldn’t be telling you this,” at the beginning of every discussion so people will listen to what I’m saying.
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