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UI/UX Design

We build optimal intersections between business goals and users needs

Experience design at scale

Ui & Ux Design we’ll take your customers on an amazing journey from the very first second of using your product. Our custom designs offer an alluring and straightforward path to learning more about your company and opting for your services.

An efficient user interface covers the gap between the human brain and the digital product you offer. Based on the behavioral patterns and in compliance with the Human Interface Guidelines we create delightful user experience – simple, intuitive and efficient.

Powerful UI and UX is the key to more sales, higher user adoption rates and easier onboarding. By taking the following elements into account, we conduct the initial research and craft the design to deliver immediate ROI for your business. Together, we’ll mold your ideal into a physical design aimed to impress and deliver.


The secret to truly efficient user-centric design lies in marrying your users needs and your business goals. At Cortouch Media we prefer to start with defining your key business objectives and goals. This way we create the layering basics for the complete product design, information architecture (IA), content and further interactions’ strategy.

The next stage of our user experience design services includes mapping out your users personas, understanding their needs better and aligning your assumption with the actual user expectations. We’ll propose the best research methods and tools specifically for your niche and based on the budgets and time availability.

  • Competitors’ analysis & benchmarking
  • Design Personas
  • Key Workflows

IA and Wireframes:

The best products are the easy-to-use and learn products. They ensure that the information structure and its presentation on your app is intuitive and corresponds to the common existing user mental models and web interface expectations.

Your key message will be delivered in the right way, in the best spot and at the optimal time. At this stage of our user interface design services, we’ll share the initial wireframes representing the proposed data structure and key UI features with you. Our testing team will further ensure that all the workflows and navigation options are powered up to the max usability.

  • Clickable Prototypes
  • Design Layouts & Mockups
  • Information Architecture

User Testing:

 Based on the goals and the initial research done during the first stage, we’ll create specific case studies to validate the assumptions. We’ll set up user-testing interaction sessions to analyze the received data and transform into design improvements. Depending on your needs, we’ll choose the optimal method to gather user feedback either via remote user testing to one-on-one sessions.

  • Storyboards
  • Remote User Testing
  • On-site testing

Front-End Web Development:

 Our coding gurus will make sure your graphical product looks and feels as designed and runs smooth on each and every platform of your choice (web or mobile). Clean code written up to the industry standards, triple-tested for maximum durability and frictionless functioning.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstra

Integration and continuous support:

We provide extensive assistance and support with back-end integration to make the process of working with us 100% hassle-free. If you happen to discover any issue with your design or would love to power up it with another improvement, our designers will be delighted to make additional tweaks.

In the modern world you have just a few seconds to make an impression on your potential customer. Wow them straight off the bat with an impeccable, responsive design and an inviting user story to follow. Our web design and UI design services are based on the proven practices and patterns, which produce a bonding, predictable and anticipated effect on your target audience.

We prompt the best next step for your users and gently guide them towards your ultimate business goal – sale, subscription or any other preferable action. Make your products stand out from the crowd by offering a simple, yet highly delightful journey to your customers.

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